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Member Benefits & Discounts

Member-Only Crazy Deals

Each week Our Dental Co-op has special deals, group purchases, and unbelievable incentives we have arranged with our vendors.

Dental Supplies & Equipment Discounts

Savings of up to 60% off dental supplies and equipment.

Laboratory Services Discounts

Group savings on dental lab services.

Continuing Education Discounts

Save on dental continuing education seminars, webinars, and classes.

Reputation Managment

Save on internet marketing & Search Engine Optimization

Dental Assisting School.

Own your own in-office dental assisting school.

In-Office Dental Plans

Create, organize and manage your own in-office dental plan.

Investments, & 401(k),Tax Prep

Work and save with advisors experienced with working with dentists.

Patient Financing

Savings for both the dentist and patient on patient financing.

Handpiece Repair

Save on Handpiece Repairs!

Invisalign Treatment Planning

Savings and  expert help for Invisalign case planning.

Rental Cars

Special discounts and rewards for co-op members.

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Why Join?

Savings on Supplies

Significantly reduce supply and equipment costs.  Special pricing for members.

Savings on Finances

Work with trusted advisors who are familiar with dentists and dental offices.

Discounts on CE

One of the best ways to increase office revenue is to improve or learn new skills.

Network w/ Dentists

Networking often leads to new opportunities.  Network with other dentists around the US.

Many Other Benefits

We have both national and local vendors who offer discounts to our members.

Great Support

We are more than just a group of dentists, we are a community of dentists helping each other.